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Holy crap, that is some damn flawless Geralt (from Witcher) cosplay!

I am legitimately awestruck by this Aelirenn's skills and dedication.

My Geraltina of Rivia (and Ciri as a bonus)

Absolutely amazing. Just amazing.

I would read or play the heck out of this setting

Belgariad by K-HUD

I need to finish reading the series. Might have to start with a re-read of Pawn of Prophecy.

Now this is how Red Sonja should look

I've made no secret about my strong dislike of Red Sonja's chain mail bikini. I understand why people like it and I'll readily admit that it can be an awfully satisfying look to the eyes, but it's also just awful and impractical. That's why I like depictions of the She-Devil in actual, practical, common sense armor because while it might not be as sexy as the bikini, as like she doesn't have to worry about disembowelment because her stomach is unprotected or the risk of losing a breast to an errant sword or ax strike.