Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hit my first wall

Forgotten Realms Wiki.
Unfortunately, last week I hit a wall in my fantasy reading: Canticle. I started reading it almost immediately after finishing Mort, but a hundred pages in, I gave up. The book just didn't hook me like all the prior books I've read have. The book looks interesting, it has clerics (both good and evil), druids, wizards, martial artists, and more, but still, I just could not get into it

Malazan Wiki.
This sent me into a bit of a reading funk, thinking that maybe I was starting to get burned out on fantasy, since I've read nothing else since about July. I checked out some "regular" fiction, but somehow found myself back at fantasy, reading Steven Erikson's Gardens of the Moon. Liking it so far, but after I finish it (which at almost 700 pages is going to take awhile), I might shift back to science fiction for a bit.


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