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In a Game of Tron, you win or you get derezzed

I actually had no idea whether to post it here or on Rayguns and Space Suits, but I guess it fits better here.

Via Critiques4Geeks (Facebook), h/t Tor.

Here, have a lovely picture of a barbarian princess

Though, I'd wager she looks more Celtic than generic barbarian.
I like this more than some of the pictures you see of warrior women in fantasy art - hot babes in as little armor (or clothing, for that matter) as possible. I could see her riding down enemy infantry or wild game. Maybe she's patrolling the borders of her tribe's territory, on the lookout for poachers or spies.

The only real way to spend your reward

Drink and wenching, FTW.

I am in nerd heaven right now

I got this today and it is bliss. I'm currently hip deep into Baldur's Gate. Once I finish that, I may venture into a certain Temple. It was nice seeing the intro animations for Black Isle Studios and TSR.

Picture via Boccob's Blessed Blog.

You will wish this Game of Thrones game was real


Heroclix might not be for everyone


Warcraft II peasants were beyond downtrodden

They would have to climb up a rung or two just to qualify as downtrodden. Whenever you issued peasants or peons (the Horde's worker unit) an order, they would reply "Okay" in an utterly dejected way, as if they had already resigned themselves to some horrible fate. Peons, I could understand, before they're clearly treated like total crap by the rest of the Horde, but there's never been any indication that peasants are being actively oppressed in the human kingdoms. Maybe it's the fact that they're conscripted to build sprawling base after sprawling base, chop down tons of wood and work in mines that's worn their spirits down to nubs. It certainly can't help that they're also under constant threat of raids by the Horde and since they play an unappreciated, but vital role in the Alliance warmachine, they're naturally targeted. I mean, are these guys even being paid for their contributions?

I'm surprised there weren't peasant uprisin…