Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zounds! Wizards of the Coast rereleasing three Dungeons & Dragons First Edition manuals!

Wizards surprised pretty much every D&D and RPG nerd today when they announced that they were going to release limited edition reprints of the original Dungeons & Dragons manuals, including the Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, and Player's Handbook. The books will cost about $35 each and the money goes towards a worthwhile cause - the Gygax Memorial Fund. The goal of the fund is to build a statue in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in honor of Gary Gygax, who gave the world D&D 36 years ago. Unfortunately, the books will only be available in America, which will probably mean we'll soon be raided by nerds from Canada and elsewhere. We really need a wall and a Night's Watch up there.

I admit that I have never played D&D in my life and probably never will, but damn, even I'm excited about this!

(h/t Nerdvana)

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