Friday, May 18, 2012

Stay awhile and listen

Just an update that there will be posts coming down the pipe. Computer games (not of the Diablo 3 variety, despite the post's title) and reading have gotten in the way, along with household stuff. As for reading, I found an absolutely beat to hell paperback collection of Conan stories - a mix of Howard, de Camp, and Carter - at the library and fell into its thrall. Aside from that, I also snagged Kull of Atlantis and Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pirates of Venus, along with Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom. I originally went for the latter, but couldn't resist the others. What can I? I'm a fool for fantasy.

The Tower of the Elephant is pretty good. The Thing in the Crypt had a very roleplaying/D&D feel to it, which I dug.

Now for the posts, I think you'll like them. One will discuss alternatives to swords and was inspired by a blog post I saw elsewhere. The other is going to be about a fantasy western subgenre, its viability and general musings. Now, I just have to write them. This ought to be fun.

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