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Dragons did exist in Medieval England!

Contrary to recent opinions, dragons did in fact exist in Medieval England and in Asia too. They were driven extinct by way of a deadly epidemic, a disease called Dragonis Killitis and over hunting by overzealous dragon hunters. In Asia, the dragons, of course, were wiped out by the commies in China back during the 60s and 70s. In Japan, they were eaten by Kaiju. Terrible losses all.

The reason why people think dragons never existed is because of a worldwide conspiracy orchestrated by the ever fiendish Illuminati, a secret society led by Kim Kardashian who, as you all should know, controls the world.

Yeah, that's right, I just blew the lid off that mofo! Open your eyes, sheeple!

Oh shit, I hear black helicopters. Gotta go!

I was born, six gun in my hand

The perfect theme song for any adventuring party. Might have to replace "six gun" with a more setting appropriate weapon, like a sword or whatever for fantasy and a blaster for scifi. Post-apoc games need no adjustment.

On dungeons, maps, and orc wangs (NSFW)

Fair warning, this comic has a bit of potty language.

Oh, Hijinks Ensue, how I love you. It would be funny as f*ck if that happened in a game, though. Characters getting lost and winding up in completely different locations than their other party members.

"Dammit, where the hell is that tavern?"
"The directions said take a left at the Tomb of Horrors and a right at Blackmoor Castle, so how the hell did I wind up in the Abyss?"
"Huh, this looks more like a hive of scum and villainy than a tavern. No wait, it's just an Applebee's."

Then of course there's the guy who ends up at a brothel instead, but doesn't complain at all.

I double dare a DM to include an Orc fornication chamber in their next session. >:D

Paladins and morale

Back when I got Warcraft III, one of the first things I did was reading the manual. I'm a big fan of game lore and Warcraft has one of the best, IMO. One of the things that caught my attention was this passage about the Death Knights, a hero unit in WCIII (emphasis's mine):
Death Knights were once virtuous defenders of Humanity. However, once the Paladin ranks were disbanded by the failing Alliance, many of these holy warriors traveled to the quarantined lands to ease the suffering of those left within the plague-ridden colonies. Though the Paladins were immune to disease of any kind, they were persecuted by the general populace who believed that they had been infected by the foul plague. A small band of Paladins, embittered by society's cruelty, traveled north to find the plague's source. These renegade Paladins succumbed to bitter hatred over the course of their grueling quest. When they finally reached Ner'zhul's icy fortress in Northrend they had become dar…

The hits, they're over 9000!

Actually it's ten thousand, but I'm not passing up a chance to post this video.

More posts to come soon and thanks for the all the fish, I mean hits!

New post-apocalyptic TV series Revolutions - First impressions

So, NBC actually had a smart idea and posted the pilot episode for the new J.J. Abrams post-apocalyptic series Revolution online for free. They had another smart idea and made the video embeddable.

Revolution is set fifteen years after a mysterious event kills everything that runs on electricity and in a single moment, the entire world is thrown back several hundred years, tech-wise. As you might expect of something from the post-apocalyptic genre, society collapses and warlords emerge to carve our their own kingdoms with their militias. However, there's a twist here, with the possibility raised that the effects of the aforementioned event could be reversed and not surprisingly, that potential will be craved by less than savory factions.

Hit the jump for the video and my thoughts on it. Fair warning, the episode is over 43 minutes long, so you might want to set aside some time, lol.

Fantasy racism


(via Penny Arcade)