Thursday, June 21, 2012

Building a medieval town the old fashioned way

Oh yes, it's a thing that is happening in Germany. A group of archaeologists, historians, architects, and workers are doing something beyond ambitious: Building a monastery town the 9th century way. Yup, no modern equipment or luxuries, just 52 buildings constructed with blood, sweat, and presumably a lot of cursing. The purpose of the project is to get an idea of what it was like to do that kind of large scale construction back in the middle ages.

Apparently the project will take 50 years to complete, which adds a bittersweet touch to it, as its originator, Bert Geurten, is 62 years old, meaning that he'll be long dead before its completion. Hell, I'll probably be knee deep in the grave by that point.

I think this a project that fantasy writers, GMs, wargamers, and others should keep an eye on.

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