Sunday, March 3, 2013

Freaking Trollocs!

I started reading Eye of the World a couple of months ago, but because I was still a bit burnt out on fantasy, I stopped reading it for a bit. Then I started up again and I'm past the 100 page mark. Here's my reaction so far: Holy shit. Trollocs! Aes Sedai! Warder! False Dragon! Bela!

Man, I really regret owning this book for so long and not reading it sooner! 710 pages to go.


  1. It is amazing. I couldn't put it down. I'm finishing book 10 now, and though the pace has become way slower, it's a great story. Also, Bela might be the most badass horse ever.

  2. i read Wheel back in high school. Then I saw how huge the WoT franchise was and I decided to quit while I was ahead. Maybe it's cheating, but every book review I found online said that the series really gets in over its head after the first few volumes.



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