Sunday, September 15, 2013

I just realized that I read a lot more fantasy than science fiction

I don't have a solid ratio, but it feels like I read maybe two fantasy books for every one scifi book. The former might be a bit higher, though. On one hand, I'm happy because fantasy fiction is awesome as shit. On the other hand, however, it kind of sucks because I love science fiction just as much as fantasy. Of course, my love of scifi might be more grounded in TV, movies, and video games. It's funny because like I've mentioned before, I was not a fantasy reader until two years ago when I finally read a Discworld novel that I had owned for years. After that, a flood gate was opened and I read as much as my brain box could take.

Still can't read The Hobbit or LOTR, though.

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  1. Growing up I read an equal mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Slowly, I read less and less sci-fi. Today, it's practically none. I tried to figure it out and the only conclusion I've reached is that much of what's being written now simply doesn't fit my idea of sci-fi. It's too soft, too wishy washy. Too often it seems lacking in ideas and without them it's only space opera (or more often than not, these days, romance).



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