Friday, May 6, 2016

Now this is how Red Sonja should look

Credit: Michael C. Hayes.
I've made no secret about my strong dislike of Red Sonja's chain mail bikini. I understand why people like it and I'll readily admit that it can be an awfully satisfying look to the eyes, but it's also just awful and impractical. That's why I like depictions of the She-Devil in actual, practical, common sense armor because while it might not be as sexy as the bikini, as like she doesn't have to worry about disembowelment because her stomach is unprotected or the risk of losing a breast to an errant sword or ax strike.

1 comment:

  1. I am a huge Red Sonja fan and have never liked the chain mail bikini look, though perhaps for "less noble" reasons: my first introduction to the character was in the Marvel comics '84-'85 years where she was depicted in the same "Pants-less Barbarian Age" as Conan, yet still appropriately attired (often with weather-appropriate outfits, and never in a bikini, chain or not).

    Much as I've enjoyed the earlier and later comics I've collected of her over the years, I HATE the chain mail part due to its terrible non-practicality, but mainly because it doesn't match the character as I first met her.

    The illustration you've got here is pretty good.



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