Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thor's got one hell of an adventuring party

Your bank account is going to hate this movie as much as you and/or your kids will love it. :P
I finally watched the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and as soon as I saw the above shot, my mind immediately started classifying each character.

Hulk: Barbarian, cursed to transform into a monster when the berserker rage overtakes him.
Thor: Fighter. A god can be a fighter, right? He's rather miffed about having his prized magic hammer destroyed.
Valkyrie: Paladin. After all, she works in service to a deity, who presumably granted her special powers and abilities. I'm not well-versed in Norse mythology, so I might be wrong. Still, paladin feels right.
Loki: Some sort of rogue class. He's a sneaky-pete, has a preference for short bladed weapons like knives and daggers, and uses deception and misdirection.

It's an impressive party for sure, but having said that, I find the lack of clerics, spellcasters, and ranged weapons worrisome.

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  1. I would agree that the Hulk is a barbarian and that Thor is a fighter. I read a lot of Norse mythology as a kid (somewhere between 5 and 7) ... the friend who introduced me to the Hobbit sold me on reading it by saying I'd like it because it was like Beowulf and Ragnarok. Valkyrie would probably be fighter as well since their purpose was to be the cab drivers who transported the valiant dead to Valhalla. I could see a Valkyrie having some bardic talent as well ... if for no other reason than Wagner's Die Walkure. Now Loki should be a spellcaster as he polymorphs himself in Norse Mythology. Ideally, he would be multi-classed. The 1e Deities & Demi-gods stats him as a 12 lvl cleric/12 lvl druid/12 lvl ranger/11 lv magic-user/20 lvl illusionist/15 lvl assassin/5 lvl monk/5 lvl bard. As you can see, he is a versatile SOB which is how he is depicted in the mythology. For all his flaws, Loki is the smartest one in the room and he knows it which might be his greatest flaw. On a side note, anyone who says their party killed any god in 1e AD&D, in most cases, had a shitty GM.



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