In which Helm brings the hurt to this guy

Awesome picture, but I have a question to whoever or whatever Helm is fighting: How is it that you have six arms - each bearing a weapon - and yet, still getting your ass handed to you?

Helm, of course, was the God of protection, protectors, and guardians in Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Emphasis on was. Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast killed him off back in 2007 for some godforsaken reason. In the fluff, he was killed off because another god, Tyr, thought Helm was trying to steal his woman. Of course, he wasn't and the move invoked such a negative reaction in the fandom, that Tyr was later killed off after handing his godhood over to Torm. No wonder people loath 4th Edition.

Picture via Forgotten Realms Wiki.



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