Monday, July 2, 2012

Damn wizards and their wind spells

So, I managed to survive Stormageddon 2012, despite the best efforts of wizards and Phaulkon. Rather not repeat it, though. Those winds were pretty damn intense, apparently clocking up to 90 miles per hour! It's pretty damn impressive and a bit frightening when you see a tree that's been uprooted by wind. Anyway, my parents and I were among the two million who lost power Friday night and it wasn't restored for us until six this morning. That was a rough weekend for everybody because were also in the midst of a heatwave and trust me, you never want to have to deal with 100 degree (up to 105 in some areas) weather during a blackout.

I did do a good deed this weekend, however. We're neighbors with an old couple and Saturday afternoon the lady came over and asked my dad for help: her husband, who's been in declining health, had fallen on the floor and she needed help getting him up. I was dozing at the time, but woke up and as soon as he told me what had happened, I was fully awake, out the door, and hauling ass over there before he had even gotten to his shoes. Her husband was fine, the heat just got to him; poor guy was covered in sweat. My dad told them that if he had to, he would park his minivan in front of their house and use it to power a fan (via an adapter he just bought) to help them beat the heat. Fortunately, her husband's niece came by to check on them everyday and brought them bags of ice.

She thanked us both profusely, but I was just obeying my alignment. :)

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