Sunday, July 15, 2012

In a game of thrones, you either finish the book or you die

Literacy can be very dangerous. Seeing as how I'm not dead, we can safely assume that I finished A Game of Thrones. Only a few hours ago, actually. I'm not going to write a review, I both suck at them and it took me well over a year to finish the book. When I first started reading it, I don't even think Game of Thrones was even announced and when it was, I decided to finish AGoT before the first season aired. That didn't happen, as I overdid it and burned myself out on the book. After that, I read the book off and on until recently, when I decided to finally finish the thing.

Anyway, I liked the books, especially where it differed with the TV series. AGoT has much more depth than the show, but I like them both about the same, with the former edging out the latter. As a result of the show, however, I kept picturing the characters in the book as their TV equivalent, but I'm not complaining. I didn't really have a mental image for any of them, save for Tyrion, and what he looked like in my mind was vastly inferior to Peter Dinklage. If I had to give A Game of Thrones a rating, I'd like 9.75/10. The length was a bit wearing and it's not even the longest book. Oh boy.


  1. Lol yeah man those books get longer and longer... Book 3 is like 1300 pages

  2. Yeah, I was reading on Wikipedia that in some countries, they split A Clash of Kings up into several parts. The Brits broke it into two parts and the French four parts. Hell, that book is so long, that the producers of Game of Thrones decided to split it into two seasons.



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