What the Avengers really do in between missions

I'm digging Hulk as the DM. You'd figure someone like Tony would be the one running the game, but that was a nice twist. I just wonder what their character classes would be:
  • Iron Man: Fighter.
  • Thor: The obvious choice would be fighter, what with his hammer. On the other hand, he has the ability to summon lightning, so maybe a paladin or a stormlord?
  • Wasp: Wizard, as per the picture.
  • Giant-Man: Alchemist? Some kind of spellcaster?
  • Captain America: Paladin, obviously.
  • Hawkeye: Fighter.
  • Black Widow: Rogue.
  • Hulk: Battlerager/Berserker.
Picture via The Warlock's Home Brew.


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